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Božidar Radišic

  • PEST (FIST) Human Rights Association
  • Founder of Research Nature Institute
  • Cannabis Info Point

 Božidar Radišic has been a vocal cannabis activist for almost two decades, he is the founder and president of FIST – human rights association, a member of IACM – International Association for Cannabinoid Medicines and founder of the Research Nature institute in Ljubljana, Slovenia. ( Thusfar, Božidar has organized eight international scientific conferences aimed at demystifying cannabis ( The 5th conference held in Ljubljana in 2019 was also the first conference of the kind to be part of the licensed training program of the Medical Chamber of Slovenia and the Chamber of Nursing and Midwifery Services of Slovenia. He continued the tradition of education of professionals also in 2022 by organizing 2 seminaries for doctors and nurses with the Faculty of health sciences. He regulary lectures and participates at cannabis-related seminars and other events in Slovenia and abroad. He is known as a tireless activist and medical cannabis advocate in Slovenia, EU and the Western Balkans.

Research Nature Institute and FIST – human rights association are monitoring the products on the slovenian market. Both – legal and illegal.

Cannabis extracts and cannabis use are widely spread among slovenian patients, mostly oncologycal, neurological and patients with autoimmune deseases.

Since the state was not able to regulate this field, patients are mostly using products from black market or from their own production (60%). But those products are too often of poor quality and patients are left by themselves without knowledge of proper dosing and administration ways.

Quality of extracts and way of administration is crucial, so he decided to test the products in RNI lab with HPLC and GC/MS and advise patients how to use cannabis products properly, to achieve best results.

On this way we obtained precious insight about cannabis use among patients, quality of the products and the results. 

16:00Cannabis education of professionals and patients in Slovenia

Božidar Radišic


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