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Artur Pina

Artur Pina, 32 years old, trained in the Commercial area and Sales Account Executive at Lumatek since February 2020, in charge of some European countries such as Portugal, Spain, Hungary, Slovenia, Slovakia, Brazil, Romania, Malta, Macedonia, Kosovo, Bosnia, Macedonia, Albania, Serbia, Bulgaria, Croatia, Greece, among others...  

He has always been passionate about growing, but with a special focus on indoor cultivation since he started working as a commercial in the area of lighting for indoor growing. 

He is constantly learning in order to be able to fulfil the needs that arise depending on each client, their grow and their needs, always taking into account the evolution of the technology available on the market and the way in which the desired result can be improved.  A natural perfectionist, he is driven by the desire to help others and the success of the tasks he is given, always keeping in mind the best objective to be achieved. Stimulated by the motto "Helping Growers Grow", he obtains as much knowledge as possible in order to reach all the markets where he operates, making a difference to those who work with him.

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Artur Pina


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