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The established, successful CULTIVA HANFEXPO, which will take place in Vienna for the 15th time this year, has brought a new, young and up-and-coming partner on board this year. Cannabis Museum Zagreb, founded in September 2021, is the most modern hemp museum in Europe and will enrich the exhibition space with its expertise.

 In cooperation with Cannabis Museum Zagreb, a very special exhibition will be created at this year's fair - HANFWELT. It is entirely dedicated to the hemp plant and is part of CULTIVA HANFEXPO 2023.

What awaits you

Hemp is a biological superhero whose potential will be fully realized in the coming years. The plant's unique versatility, tiny ecological footprint and multifunctionality in many areas makes it a biohack with huge ecological and economic potential. 

Six stations are dedicated to this crop with enormous potential. How can such a "miracle plant" thrive from such a small seed? What does it offer us in the future? And why was the plant forgotten for so long? Answers to these questions can be found in the WORLD OF HEMP. 

Visitors can learn about the history, cultivation, processing and use of hemp. A guidance system leads them through the six stations in the WORLD OF HEMP.

The Cannabis Museum Zagreb

Its history is still quite young, but its success is already enormous: Since its opening in September 2021, the Cannabis Museum in the center of Zagreb has enjoyed great popularity. With its 250 sqm of indoor space and 150 sqm of outdoor space, it is one of the most advanced cannabis museums in the world and the most modern in Europe. Visitors learn all about the history of hemp, the latest scientific research and, most importantly, the many uses of the plant. This is accomplished with workshops, lectures, show growing areas and admission tickets that you can even smoke. 

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International Hemp & CBD exhibition in the center of Vienna. More than 180 exhibitors from Austria and abroad present the latest trends of the hemp market on 10.000 sqm.


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